BeGreen Solutions

 BeGreen Solutions is new firm in the area of green technologies.

We are making certified carbon footprint calculation of companies and products according to international standards ISO and GHG Protocol. We offer carbon footprint reduction program and carbon offsetting



Efficient use of energy has a significant contribution to reducing operating costs.


We will provide you with the calculation of the carbon footprint, resp. provision of subsidies-


BeGreen is able to suggest how
to optimize processes to reduce your carbon footprint.

Green credits

Begreen offers the purchase of Green Credits  that will guarantee you carbon neutrality.

ISO 14064-1 certification

BeGreen offers a multilingual certified carbon footprint calculation based on the technical standard STN EN ISO 14064-1: 2018 as well as other internationally recognized GHG Protocol standards. Following internationally recognized carbon footprint calculation guidelines, guarantee that our measurement will be accepted worldwide.

GHG Protocol certificate

BeGreen holds the internationally recognized GHG Protocol certificate, World Resource Institute. GHG Protocol is used by 9 out of 10 Fortune 500 companies. Among Protocol users are big companies as SAP, Sony, Intel, DHL, UPS, Shell, Ford, Holcim, KPMG, Volkswagen, IBM. We guarantee trustufull calculation based on world best practises.


Your company will receive a Carbon Footprint Report, which contains a detailed analysis of your carbon footprint as well as a comparison with your business sector.

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