BeGreen Solutions is open to regional and international cooperation.

As part of corporate know-how due to intensive knowledge sharing with the partner company Juflex, BeGreen is based on long-term experience (since 2002) in the field of sale, installation and after sale services of innovative building equipment technologies.

These are mainly efficient, low-temperature heating and cooling systems designed for small and large sized clients. Core decarbonization activities consists mainly in replacing old combustion, heavy polluting heat sources with highly efficient, energy-multiplying heating devices such as heat pumps, condensing boilers, photovoltaic power plants and solar thermal systems.

Market coverage is through the entire territory of the Slovak Republic, together with neighboring regions of Austria (Burgenland, Vienna, Lower Austria). 

In addition to the mentioned, BeGreen is preparing international cooperation with active involvement in a certified carbon footprint reduction program, the  Offseting and Green Credits.

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