We help companies prepare a true and fair scope 3 GHG inventory

We help companies to develop effective strategies for managing and reducing

We help companies to create consistent and transparent public carbon reporting


Consultation in energy sector

Efficient use of energy has a significant contribution to reducing operating costs, not only for households but also for businesses. With our solutions, you can not only help the planet, but also improve awareness of this topic within the society.


For many subsidies and grants, it is necessary to declare a reduction in the carbon footprint as proof that this is a green solution with a positive impact on nature. Our company will provide you with the calculation of the carbon footprint before and after the end of the process and facilitate provision of subsidies from public or private grants.


If you do not know or do not have the capacity to reduce your carbon footprint through internal processes, BeGreen is able to suggest how to optimize processes to reduce your carbon footprint. If this is not possible for economic and time reasons, we will offer you an individual compensation package, through which you will reduce your carbon footprint.

Green Credits

As in most cases it is not possible to completely eliminate the carbon footprint, Begreen offers the purchase of Green Credits, with which Begreen undertakes to support green projects that will guarantee you carbon neutrality.

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